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a view from recently demolished 669 Genesee Street

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This is all cut n pasted from Modern Ruins and Urban Exploration. Check back for updates...

Updated June 16, 2004

Newest Links

  • Derelict London
  • Sleepy City
  • Abandon Spaces (dead link?)

    Abandoned Asylums and Hospitals

  • Abandoned Asylums
  • Angels in the Architecture Northern Michigan Asylum in Traverse City, Michigan
  • Bartonville State Hospital from the Ghosts of the Prairie page.
  • Boyd's Sanitarium in Dripping Springs, New Mexico
  • Buffalo Psychiatric Center Photographs by Joe Hayden depict this former asylum in the United States designed by H.H. Richardson.
  • Byberry Mental Hospital
  • Byberry
  • The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
  • The Castle on the Hill Danvers State Hospital
  • Clinton Valley Center abandoned asylum in Michigan, now demolished
  • Clinton Valley Center more pre-demolition photos
  • Danvers State Insane Asylum very nice site, has a video clip with some interior shots of the hospital.
  • Danvers photos from Jeremy Barnard photography
  • Dark Passage
  • Diversatech aerial photos of an abandoned mental hospital in Manteno, Illinois
  • Dixmont Insane Asylum
  • Eastern State Penitentiary As seen on MTV's Fear. The penitentiary was closed in 1971. It is listed as a historical landmark and is open for tours April through November.
  • Essex Mountain Sanatorium
  • Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Newtown Connecticut. This hospital was used on MTV's Fear.
  • Fairfield Hills photos
  • Historic Asylums
  • Historic Asylums Message Board (too many pop up ads) Of particular interest; Bartonville State Hospital (said to be haunted) and Danvers State Hospital.
  • King's Park Psychiatric Center - A Documentation
  • Kirkbride Buildings
  • Light Into Darkness scenes from an abandoned asylum (Danvers)
  • Manteno State Mental Hospital
  • Metropolitan State Hospital in Massachusetts
  • Noho's Abandoned Asylum More pictures of North Street Mental Hospital in Northhampton, MA.
  • North Street Mental Hospital Ian Herrick's photos of an abandoned asylum in Northhampton, MA.
  • Norwich State Hospital
  • Pennhurst State Mental Hospital
  • Pilgrim State Asylum
  • Project Ardmore abandoned juvenile mental institution in Livonia, MI
  • Reno or Bust Metro Times Detroit article on an abandoned mental hospital
  • Rochester Psychiatric Center
  • Rockland Psychiatric Center
  • St. Louis City Hospital
  • Sunland Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida
  • Tales of Eloise Eloise Hospital aka Wayne County Asylum in Detroit
  • Teens get big scare while ghost hunting in abandoned hospital article about a group of teens who were mugged while exploring Jefferson Davis Hospital.
  • Vintage Postcards of Hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Vintage Postcards of Hospitals in Worcester, Massachusetts

    Amusement Parks, Water Parks, and Zoos

  • Asbury Park, Then and Now
  • Defunct Amusement Parks
  • Idora Park abandoned amusement park in Ohio

    Cemeteries and Catacombs

  • Adam's Stull Page
  • Bachelor's Grove
  • Bachelor's Grove Cemetery An excellent site on what is called Chicago's most haunted cemetery. pics
  • A Fine and Sacred Place Pics from several Philadelphia cemeteries and the Pennhurst State Mental Hospital.
  • Old Bones cemetery art
  • Old Cemeteries, Arsenic, and Health Safety
  • Ossuary information on Jan Svankmajer's short film, The Ossuary.
  • Sedlec Ossuary
  • Spelunking the empire of death article on exploring the catacombs of Paris and the cataphile scene
  • Spider Gates Cemetery in Leicester, MA. 8 pics and a map.
  • Spider Gates Cemetery investigation into the rumours surrounding this cemetery. Nice pictures.
  • Stull Cemetery Background information on Stull Cemetery on Ghosts of the Prairie's Haunted Kansas page.
  • Underground Paris Photo tour of the Paris catacombs.

    Farmhouses and Other Rural Ruins

  • Deserted Farms 90 black and white photos of abandoned farmhouses in Iceland

    Ghost Towns

  • Ghost Town Index listing of ghost towns in the US
  • Ghost Towns of the West Ghost towns listed by state.
  • The Legend of Dudleytown, Connecticut
  • Mike's Ontario Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places
  • Monument Gallery pictures of ghost towns
  • NJ Pine Barrens exploring the ghost towns of southern New Jersey

    Hudson Valley Ruins

  • Bannerman Island History
  • Bannerman Castle Trust
  • Hudson Valley Network - Historic Site
  • Hudson Valley Ruins Photographs and background information on several ruins in the Hudson Valley area. There are also photos of Bannerman's castle illuminated at night.
  • Xydexx's Exploring and Modern Ruins Bannerman's Castle, Briarcliff Lodge

    Other Modern Ruins

  • Abandoned House of the Week Metro Times (Detroit)
  • (dead link?)
  • Abandoned buildings in Belgium
  • Abandoned Buildings of the Northeast photos of abandoned building and structures found in eastern New York and western Connecticut
  • Abandoned Memories Wayne County Child Development Center
  • Abandoned NJ
  • Among the Ruins pics of buildings destroyed in the Chicago fire of 1871.
  • Barbados ruins
  • Blackshock photos of industrial, gothic and other dark scenes (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway
  • Dead Malls
  • Desolation photos of abandoned buildings in Italy
  • The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
  • Forgotten Michigan
  • Houston Buildings
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Industrial Archeology in California
  • Kudzu Covered Houses in Georgia
  • La Fábrica destruction of a factory. (requires Flash)
  • Lost America Night photography of the abandoned roadside west
  • Military Ruins Bunkers, tunnels, cannons, arsenals... near La Coruna, the northwest coast of Spain.
  • Missile Bases for sale Have a couple of million to spare and a desire to live somewhere really unique?
  • Modern Ruins Project
  • Montreal Abandoned Buildings
  • Pacific Electric Subway abandoned subway line in Los Angeles
  • Phillip Buehler's Modern Ruins A photographic essay on the abandoned, decaying artifacts of the twentieth century.
  • Rash Reflections Photography pics of abandoned buildings in New York and New Jersey (click on Acid Kittie)
  • Roadside Art Online: Ruins 11 pics
  • Ruins page is in Japanese but there are some good pictures of abandoned buildings.
  • Ruins in Japan
  • SBNO abandoned amusement parks
  • Side O' Lamb Asbury Park in New Jersey
  • Subterranea Britannica UK Cold War defenses
  • Subterranean Fortress One man, his shovel, and 14 years of digging.
  • Tim Feresten - Photographs Michigan Central Railroad Station, industrial interiors, and an abandoned house
  • Underground Kent

    Tunnels and Drains

  • Abandoned Subway Stations in NYC
  • Abandoned Tube Stations in London
  • Cave Clan Australia
  • Closed stations in Paris' Subway
  • Dezafekt underground quarries of Paris, tunnels, subway,catacombs, pictures of the urban underground.
  • Drainage Exploration Boston, MA
  • Drains of My City urban exploration in Edmonton
  • Exploring the Twin Cities
  • Iowa State Steam Tunnels
  • Minneapolis Drains
  • Mysteries under Moscow article on a group called "Diggers of the Underground Planet"
  • New York City Underground from
  • New York Underground selected images from the book, New York Underground: Anatomy of a City
  • Notes from Underground City Pages (Twin Cities, MN) article on exploring drains and tunnels
  • Paris Souterrain catacombs and tunnels (in French)
  • Promenades souterraines [French] [English version] the forbidden French underground
  • Under OSU Ohio State University Steam Tunnels
  • Remnants of Abandoned Stations, Tunnels, and Station Entrances found on the MBTA
  • Storm Draining in Australia
  • Tunnels of Vanderbilt University
  • Under Cal Steam Tunnels at UC Berkeley
  • Undercity NYC tunnels and some useful info for would be urban explorers
  • Underground History Disused Stations on London's Underground
  • Virginia Tech Urban Exploration

    Urban Exploration

  • Action Squad Minneapolis urban adventures
  • Bangor Explorer's Guild Bangor, Maine
  • Boston Urban Exploration LiveJournal community
  • Columbus Underground urban exploration in Ohio
  • Explored New Jersey
  • Infiltration Infiltration: The zine about going places you're not supposed to go.
  • Jinx Magazine urban adventure.
  • Lost Destinations exploration in New Jersey
  • Lost Indiana
  • Newfoundland Urban Exploration Society
  • Nite Crawlers UE in Centralia, WA
  • Offkilter urban exploration in England
  • Ohio Exploration Society
  • Ohio Lost Ohio's forgotten places (turn sound down if at work)
  • Ohio Trespassers
  • Online and Underground Salon article on tunneling and exploring abandoned buildings.
  • pdXplore LiveJournal community
  • pdXplore UE in Portland, Oregon
  • Rural Ruin LiveJournal community
  • Under NY
  • Urban Adventure
  • Urban Adventures in Rotterdam
  • Urban Decay LiveJournal community
  • Urban Exploration Alberta
  • Urban Exploration Web Ring
  • Urban Explorers Network
  • Urban Exploration France
  • Urban Exploration Australia
  • Urban Exploration Front LiveJournal community
  • Urban Exploration Resource - Canada
  • Urban Lens UE in New York city
  • UE in the UK
  • urbanVenture new site. Not many pics yet but click on Transmit for a video clip of Metropolitan State Hospital.
  • DM Gallery urban exploration in Finland
  • Urban Speleology Minneapolis based.
  • Zone-Tour: Database of Urban Exploration


  • Castles for Sale
  • Castles of the United States There are over 100 castles listed on this site, most with a picture.
  • Creepy Cleveland Folklore, Myths and Monsters in Northern Ohio
  • The Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina.
  • East Coast Paranormal research Society
  • Forgotten NY
  • Frederick Wiseman's Titicut Follies info on Titicut Follies , a documentary filmed at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. (1967)
  • GPSWNJ GPS coordinates of interesting sites in NJ, including those mentioned in Weird NJ magazine
  • House - The story of an abandoned house and its spell
  • Lithic: Unusual Sites in New England
  • The Lost Playground mainly Weird NJ type stuff, expanding to cover other states (dead link?)
  • Lovecraftian Sites in New England
  • The Midnight Society abandoned buildings, hauntings, and NJ weirdness
  • Night Photography by Larrie Thomson
  • Photographing Ruins article by Shaun O'Boyle (
  • A Record of Excursions and Adventures in Massachusetts Stone Circles, Dolmen, Chambers, Caves, and other oddities
  • Roads to Ruins guide to the medieval castles of Germany with hundreds of photographs and maps to the locations of the castles with histories and travelers information.
  • The Marsden Archive
    The Marsden Archive apparently sells prints of Simon Marsden's photographs but you have to order their brochure (free) to find out what is available and neither the brochure nor the website lists prices. A calendar and greeting cards are also available.
  • Simon Marsden
  • Weird New Jersey
  • Weird USA
  • Weird Wisconsin
  • Yahoo Weird NJ Fan Club

    Related Books

    In Association with


  • Eloise: Poorhouse, Farm, Asylum and Hospital by Patricia Ibbotson
  • Medicine and Magnificence: British Hospital and Asylum Architecture, 1660-1815 by Christine Stevenson

    Hudson River Valley Mansions

  • Phantoms of the Hudson Valley : The Glorious Estates of a Lost Era
    by Monica Randall, out of print but Amazon has used copies
  • American Castles: A Pictorial History by Amy Handy and John Burdick

    Simon Marsden
    Marsden uses infrared photography to capture the haunting qualities of the ruins he photographs.
    Unfortunately, most of Marsden's books are now out of print.

  • Beyond the Wall : The Lost World of East Germany
  • The Haunted Realm : Echoes from Beyond the Tomb
  • In Ruins: the Once Great Houses of Ireland out of print but Amazon usually has a used copy for sale
  • The Journal of a Ghosthunter
  • Venice: City of Haunting Dreams
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