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a view from recently demolished 669 Genesee Street

Map History

This Sanborn Fire Map from 1926 shows the site where BAVPA's new home is located. In 1921 Jacobs Brothers Reality built Offerman Stadium on the site. It was demolished in 1961 for the construction of the Woodlawn Junior High School. The Bethel AME Church is clearly shown in pink and of course, still stands.

Rev. Richard Stenhouse is the pastor and is also a member of Buffalo's Control Board.

The Woodlawn Row Houses are clearly represented on the map, too on the corner of Woodlawn and Masten Avenue. They are one of three remaining clusters of row houses remaining. There used to be 21 sets of row houses in this little corner of Masten.

This is a current street map showing the location of BAVPA's new home. And a cool sattelite image of the neighborhood, too.

Please take a moment to sign the petition to save the Woodlawn Row Houses.

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